Question: what is the difference between an energy resource and a mineral resource?

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  1. Interesting question. Minerals are rocks and salts. Things like calcium carbonate, or iron oxide. These are important for building things – there are lots of useful atoms in there that go to phone batteries and stuff.

    An energy source is something we can use to create energy. So the sun is an energy source. So is coal and natural gas. These are things that generate energy when we use them.

    Sometimes the same term describes both. Coal has minerals buried with it. Uranium is also dug out of the ground along with other things, so people might sometimes say these are minerals, but really their main use is for energy, so we’d say they are an energy resource.

    Best energy resource – the Sun!


  2. Mineral resources are solid, crystalline substances made inside the Earth. These include granite, marble, limestone and precious stones which are used for jewellery. Minerals are used to make all sorts of different things which we use every day.

    Energy resources are things we can use to turn into electrical power. These include fossil fuels, nuclear, wind, water and solar power.