Question: what is the healthiest thing to eat that also gives you energy, protine and can make you loose weight?

  1. Don’t know. Energy, when stored, gives fat, so what you’re talking about is something that gives you energy but doesn’t make you fat, so that’s something that gives you a bit of energy, but not too much.

    I would answer that a balanced diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables would do the trick, with the occasional steak or fish, plus plenty of clean water. i.e. good food.

    Bananas are good at giving you an energy rush if you need it. They contain a sugar that bypasses one of the parts of an energy cycle in your body and kinds of gives you a supercharge. It’s why you see a lot of tennis players eating them between games.

    But it’s not about one food, it’s about balance. Stick to natural foods – stuff you can grow. Should be fine.


  2. The healthiest foods are the ones that are least processed. So brown rice is healthier than white rice (it has more fibre as it is still wrapped in the bran), vegetables are healthier than chips (pretty obvious), a home cooked meal with fresh ingredients is healthier than takeaway, etc

    You can’t be healthy if you only eat one type of food. Our body needs amino acids (the tiny blocks that make up proteins) to function. There are 20 amino acids, some which we can make in our body, and some which we can only get from eating foods (these are called the essential amino acids). I don’t think there is any single food which contains all of the essential amino acids so you need to eat a range ot things to make sure you get them all.

    There’s also a range of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to function properly. Most people get all the vitamins and minerals they need by eating a range of foods.

    Here’s a list of 100 healthy foods and the good things that are in them:


  3. A healthy diet gives energy, protein, and — when combined with exercise — can make overweight people lose weight. Yes, this is a glib answer, but I do not know of any miracle foods.