Question: Do you dissect dead bodies to understand more about how we work?

  1. This isn’t something I do in my work but I did see it a couple of times during my science degree. Some people when they die are very generous and donate their body to science. Sometimes they are used to teach students doing Medicine and Anatomy but I’m not sure what else they are used for.

    The bodies are called cadavers and by dissecting them you get to actually see all the inside bits of the human body and how they fit in together. It’s very interesting but also a bit confronting; some people didn’t want to look and that was fine. I don’t think cadavers are used much for research now as we have a pretty good understanding of what’s inside the body, but they are used for teaching, especially for medical students.


  2. No – don’t need to, thankfully. Those guys are medics. Some medics. A lot of dissection has been done already, and thankfully a lot of people have written down what they saw, so we don’t need to cut open bodies all the time. Also, a lot of stuff can be learned about the insides of the body now without cutting it open, using stuff like MRI scanning. The magic of our insides revealed by science.