Question: why do you like writing science news

  1. There are a few things that I like about writing science news stories.

    One reasons is that when scientists publish their results publicly, not everyone can read their reports because the science journals want you to pay to read them which is okay if you’re at a university with a subscription to the journal or pay for the subscription yourself. So writing a news story I am able to tell people about what they did.

    Another problem is that the articles published in science journals is that they are really specialised and speak in a lot of technical terms. For example if you follow the AFL, soccer or cricket there’s terms like handball, offside and maiden that are used in specific ways with specific meanings. I didn’t know what all these words meant until maybe last year. I don’t follow a lot of sport. So it’s a closed little club and sometimes even scientists from different areas of science don’t understand each other. When I write a news story, I write the science in everyday language for everyone to understand. This can be really hard because sometimes I need to write about science that I never studied but I do get to ask the scientist lots of questions to find out what they did and why they did it.

    Another reason why I like writing science news stories is that I’m the type of person that quite happily talks about science so it’s very natural for me to write science news stories. Though I do talk about other things like food, gardening, and the weather like other people too.