Matthew Todd

Photo: Mat

Me and my Work: We make molecules to fight diseases, but we’re trying to get everyone to work together online to make them better and faster

Status: Thanks for voting for me - very nice to still be able to answer your crazy questions

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Magdeline Lum

Photo: Mags

Me and my Work: I write science news articles in all sorts of areas of science.

Status: It was fun while it lasted.

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Kieran Lim

Photo: Kieran

Me and my Work: I try to find safer fingerprinting reagents and ways of bring back deleted serial numbers. I also find out how students might learn science better, and use computers and maths to learn about chemical properties and change.

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Bridget Murphy

Photo: Bridget

Me and my Work: I want to find out why some lizards lay eggs while other lizards give birth to live young

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Aimee Parker

Photo: Aimee

Me and my Work: I study a protein that is part of our immune system. Hardly anything is known about it so I’m trying to find out what it does and where in the cell you would find it.

Status: Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your interest, your questions and your votes! Congratulations to the other scientists for their outstanding efforts over the past two weeks!

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