Question: can you prodict from science when a natural dsaster is going to happen? would you prefer the world to be flat or round?

  1. Natural disasters – we’re getting better and better at it, yes. We can start to predict volvanic eruptions and earthquakes, but not really well. We can warn people of tsunamis and big storms very well. We can predict when we’re likely to get floods and droughts. So some progress. The difficult things are things that happen in the earth like earthquakes – they’re quite sudden and violent and that’s tough to predict.

    Flat or round? Don’t mind. All I care about is what it is, and understanding why it’s like that.


  2. Haha I like the second part of the question. Obviously people used to prefer the idea of a flat Earth. I’m interested in what they thought it was like. What would be on the other side if the Earth was flat? I presume we would only live on the ‘top’ bit and no-one could flip round to the bottom bit to have a look. I’m pretty happy with a spherical Earth because it makes more sense and you haven’t got any problems with falling off or getting to one edge then having to go back all the way to the other side.

    I don’t know how good we are at predicting natural disasters these days. There seems to be warning systems for many of them, but I don’t think we know that it’s going to happen until after it’s started (the first little rumblings and such). It would be cool if we could tell BEFORE it started and maybe even prevent them from happening, but I think that’s a long way off if even possible.