Question: i'm guessing you know a few things about eggs from your profile picture, so what does it mean when you get a double yolked egg? if that egg was born would it be twins?

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  1. It means that the chicken may have ovulated too fast and two eggs popped out of the ovary instead of one. When the eggs are ovulated they don’t have shells yet. As they move down the oviduct together, they spin and little threads come out of glands in the oviduct. These threads get wound around the egg, until the egg is completely covered, making the eggshell. The oviduct glands then put calcium on the outside of the shell, making it hard.

    Double-yolked eggs don’t usually hatch properly. Having two developing baby chicks in the one egg usually means they interfere with each other’s development and they die. However, with human intervention, these double-yolked eggs can hatch to make two baby chicks.